"Clangin In Little Rock"

February 2, 2019



First off, if you're reading this, congratulations, you either want to better yourself, or you find my fitness journey entertaining and/or inspiring. Let me first say  this, working out has helped me through so many struggles. No matter where my life has taken me, and it's taken me to some dark places, I can always seem to find solace in my workouts. I started lifting weights when I was 8 years old. Yes, that's correct. On my eighth birthday, I received a "Hulkamania Workout Set," and it was one my most cherished gifts ever! It came with two 3lb dumbbells, a hand gripper, jumprope, exercise diagram, a cassette tape, with audio by Hulk Hogan himself(and, yes I said cassette tape, because I'm old as fuck), and...wait...for it...A HULKAMANIA HEADBAND! The rest, is history. Here we are, decades later, and I'm just as active, and serious about training, as I ever have been. This week, my fitness travels took me to Memphis, Tenessee, and Little Rock Arkansas, the fitness meccas of the U.S.

First stop, Memphis, birthplace of rock n roll, home of the blues, and not known for their avid fitness community. I will preface this by saying, I really only spent a day and a half here, so I didn't get a full chance to experience what they had to offer. It was 30 degrees and below, and since I didn't have a car, I went to the closest gym I could find, and since I didn't love it, I'll just say there may or may not be an old song inspired by this place. The gym was not nice, at all. The equipment was old, rusty, and many of the dumbbells didn't even match, not to mention, they were the old metal kind(as if). They did have an indoor track, but it was small, and the surface was some sort of tile, usually indoor gym tracks are made of rubber or something. There are multiple floors there, becasue they have a pool, basketball court, group exercise rooms,etc. Everything was just really old, and after being at another gym with the same name in another city, the previous few days, this one was a disappointment. Also, the gym was fairly empty, and people kept getting way too close to me, for no reason, which upsets me in any city, especially if the gym isn't crowded. That being said, the gym does have everything one would need to get their workout in, whether it be cardio, classes, cables, machines, etc, I simply think they need to update this place. Hopefully the next time I go to Memphis, the weather is nicer, and I can check out other facilities they may have. 

The next leg brought me to Little Rock, Arkansas. I love the gym here. I've been to Little Rock a couple times before, so I knew what I had in store for me. The comedy club here, has a deal worked out with the gym, so we get to work out there for free while we're in town(free sexiness, how awesome is that?) The gym is called "10 Fitness," and I love it! I'd compare it with other popular chains, only cleaner. Every time I come here, there is someone cleaning, and as an avid gym goer, I can appreciate that. The staff is super friendly, and they have so much equimpent. This place is definitely a one stop shop. I love the fact, it 's never crowded when I go, I hate crowds at the gym. They have all the weights, machines, cables, and funcitonal equipment one could desire. They have every cardio machine one could think of, including my new favorite, The Air Assault Air Runner, which is one of those treadmills that is operated by your own bodyweight and movement. They have mutiple group exercise rooms for cycling, group classes, a "cardio theater room" where you can watch a movie on a big screen, while going crazy on the elliptical or treadmill. They even have a private room for just women, which is great for women who want to workout, without weirdos staring at them. I can't say enough for how awesome this place is. Did I mention they also have tanning, and massage chairs? I don't know what it costs to be a member here. but if this gym was in LA, it would easily be $150/month, probably more. When I travel, it often reminds me of how ridiculously expensive things are in LA. There's so much stuff here, I easily spent over two hours here each day. The best part is, it's walking distance from the comedy club I work when I'm here, and the house we stay at. While it was a deathly 22 degrees when I walked to the gym my first day here, it warmed up to 60 my last day here. I can't say enough about how much I love this gym. If it was in LA, I'd totally be a member. 










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