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January 25, 2019

Welcome to my website/fitness blog! I've been wrestling with how to go about doing this for a while now, and this is what I have come up with. As a comedian who travels the country doing comedy, I'm in a very small percentile of comics who actually eat well, and exercise regularly. When people hear or think about comedians, they usually picture someone out of shape, unhealthy, drinking every night, doing drugs.etc. This isn't me. I'm the exact opposite. I've been an athlete my whole life, and I've taken that athlete mentality into my comedy career. 

Life on the road as a comic can be grueling and brutal. Driving 6-8 hours or more to a gig, flying in and out of different cities, staying up late at night, but waking up early to get to the next gig, or to catch that early flight. Spending the weekend in comedy clubs, casinos, or bars, doesn't exactly lend itself to maintaining healthy eating habits, or lifestyle choices either. But those are just excuses. The bottom line is, if health and fitness are important to someone, that person will make it a priority. I am one of those people. 

I've been doing comedy six years now, which makes me a baby in grand comedy scheme of things. If the timeline of success, as in how long a comic has to "grind it out" before they become successful in this business hold true, I still have another 2-4 years, before I really start to make a name for myself. That means it's going to be even more important for me to take care of myself, if I want to enjoy my success. 

I was fortunate enough, (or unfortunate enough) to start going on the road a year or so, into my career, and I learned rather quick, along with my new passion(comedy), I also found something I enjoyed as a hobby, I really enjoyed working out at different gyms when I was on the road.

I've always been a gym guy, as much as I hate "meat heads" I've come to the conclusion, I'm kind of a meat head myself. A low end meat head, but still...kind of a meathead. I love the environment of a gym. I like being around others, who are trying to better themselves, I like seeing what kind of equipment eadh place has, because that's how I'm going to decide what my workout will be that day. I always know what kind of workout I'll be doing, like I'll know today will be legs, abs and cardio, or chest and HIIT, etc. But until I actually go into the gym and see what they have, I can't piece together my workout. Maybe they don't have cables, or maybe they don't have anything but dummbbells, and kettlebells. It's always a fun little surprise. There's also something fun about seeing a new group of people at the gym. When I'm home, I tend to go to the same 2-3 gyms, so I see the same group of people. Seeing new faces is always fun. 

Since I'm always posting about my workouts and such on my social media, I thought it would be cool to start a blog about it, especially when I travel. One of the things people always complain to me about, is not being able to workout when they travel for work. To me, that's just an excuse. When it comes to fitness, I don't make excuses. Since I've now been all over the country, I've put together a rolodex of the places I like to workout at across the country, so if anyone goes to a city, I can tell them where they should go. There are so many "infulencers" out there, but not many of them are: 1. Male 2. Comedians 3. Former athletes. 4. People who do a variety of things. The blogs I see, are mostly attractive women, who take artsy pictures, go to workout studios, usually geared towards women, and then eating some random "new" product they are getting paid to promote. I'm an athlete, and unfortunately, a bit of a meat head. I don't just like doing one type of workout. I've learned enough, to know that variation is very important to avoid plateau, and injury. I don't just lift weights, I box, I do yoga, I run, I play baseball, I do HIIT, barre classes, you name it, I do it. Except cycling, because it hurts my balls. Great workout, but I just don't like it, sorry, but there won't be very many cycling studio reviews in here. What there will be here, is a comprehensive list of gyms across the country that I liked, and why. Studios I took classes at, that I liked. And also, cool outdoor workouts that I discover across the country as well, stuff like running trails, stairs, sand dunes, etc. Also, since I live in LA, I'll share my favorite places to workout there too. 

Now that we know why we're here, let's get into the first place.

Wichita, Kansas

I've now been to Wichita three times over the last couple years. There may be a lot more gyms and studios here, but I never have a car when I come, so I'm only able to check out places that are within a couple miles of where I stay. The YMCA in downtown Wichita is awesome! I mean, it's absolutely awesome! It's so awesome, it's one of the things I look forward to doing when I come here. As an avid fitness person, and low end meat head, this gym has EVERYTHING! Weights galore, free weights, cables, kettle bells, squat racks, benches, leg presses, they have all that stuff. Don't like weights? That's fine, they have every type of cardio machine; ellipticals, stairmasters, treadmills, incline treadmills, water rowers, assault treadmills, airbikes, and so much more. Do you like stability? They have bosu balls, swiss balls, TRX, rubberbands, etc. Classes galore; yoga, boxing, group exercise, spin. They've got a full sized basketball court, swimming pool and raquet ball courts too. I'm telling you, it's awesome. I don't know what the monthly membership is, but if this facility was in LA, where I'm from, it would be close to $200/month. The day fee here is $10, and that's more than reasonable. I spent over two hours there today, and it'll probably be more of that tomorrow, 1. because there's not a lot to do in this town, and 2. with so much equipment, I try to utilize as much of it as possible. I give this gym 5/5 brown happy face emojis, and if you're ever in Wichita, I highly recommend it. 



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