August 31, 2016

As I sit back on the past weekend, I can say I'm extremely happy with myself. I just had an amazing weekend performing stand up comedy in the wonderful town of Boise, Idaho. I was "featuring," which is comedian for, 'the person who goes up and does about 25-30 min right before the headliner. It was awesome! Awesome for a number of reasons. 

Reason #1-Since I live in LA(the toughest city to make it in stand up), I never get to do that much time. 

Reason #2-Since I live in LA, I never make the kind of money I made this weekend.

Reason #3-Since I live in LA, nobody ever wants to buy my merch after shows, because I'm not famous.

Reason #4-I love getting to see the country.


I've been to so many places across the country that I never would have dreamed I'd get to see, and it's because of stand up comedy. There's a pretty good chance I never would have gone to Boise, Idaho, if it weren't for stand up comedy. I think there's quite a few comics in LA who scoff at doing road gigs, because "how will you get discovered if you're on the road?" The truth is, I don't care about being famous, I simply want to be a comic, and that's precisely what I am, a working comic. I gave up on fame years ago, but I am fully aware that I can make a great living as a full time working comic. I will make a living as a full time working comic. 


I can't think of anything better than making a living as a comic. Getting paid to travel the country. I've gotten a small taste of it, in my still young (four years) comedy career, and as I've said, it's awesome! It's so cool getting to know people in other cities, people from different walks of life. In many of these cities, the local comedy club is the place to go. I really love performing for road crowds. I enjoy how they seem to appreciate I came all the way from LA to hang out with them, and tell them my stories. It pleases me so much that people from completely different parts of the country, from different walks of life, can find my material funny. It's one of the best feelings in the world.


Then I come back to LA, and I'm a virtual nobody. That's tough sometimes. Am I getting regular paid spots? Mostly no. Am I getting "feature" spots? Probably not. Do I have any tv deals pending? No. So I should just give up then right? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Because I don't care about those things. I know I'm good enough to be a working comic. I am a working comic. The right people in LA just haven't seen me yet. I know quite a few comics who are national headliners, who live in LA, and are nobody


 here. Will I end up being one of those? maybe. Will I be a full time working comic? ABSOLUTELY.                                                         

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