February 4, 2016

Oh boy! I just realized it's February, and I haven't made a blog post yet? Where does the time go? What did I do? I've just been so busy, trying to make things happen, I simply lost track. So here goes. Today is day 2, of me doing a week of shows in Vegas. I have had all sorts of emotions about this week, from excitement to nervousness, questioning my material, to everything in between. I mean, it's Las Vegas!! Arguably the entertainment capital of the world(LA being the actual), but it's very close. The lights, the marquees, the history, it's Vegas! And now I get to become part of the history. My first show did not go great, and it was because of the people in the audience. They just were not there to have a good time. That being said, it through me off my game a bit, because I'm not used to doing really well when I perform. I know that sounds cocky, but it's true, I know what I need to do when I want to kill an audience, and when I need to work out new material. But these jokes were my heavy hitters, and not all of them were landing. This is why comedy is so great! Because it is very subjective, for some people, I'm just not funny, and that's okay, because I'm not doing comedy for them. I'm doing it for me, and the people who do think I'm funny. I took a step back, I re grouped, and came back today swinging, and it was awesome. I got some advice from one of my friends, and it was great. So now I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Great night #2 here in Vegas, I'm so high on adrenaline right now! Now time to go enjoy this crazy city! 



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