LAUGH FACTORY-What an amazing rush!

August 15, 2015

 As I sit here getting ready for another weekend full of shows, I sit very content, because two days ago, I had the honor of performing at the famous Hollywood Laugh Factory! The Hollywood Laugh Factory is one of the hardest comedy clubs to get in at, and luckily, I've been blessed with the opportunity to perform there a few times now. Here's the thing, IT NEVER GETS OLD! While I will always remember that first night I was there(I was on a show that my comedic idol Dane Cook headlined), each time I get to go back there, is still very special to me. I mean, IT"S THE LAUGH FACTORY! It's stage has been graced by all of the biggest names in comedy, all of them. And now, by some crazy act of faith, I'm performing on that stage. The crowds are always amazing there. Generally a little younger, because it is an 18 and over venue, rather than 21 and over, but the energy there is simply amazing! The laughs rumble through to my gut, I can literally feel the laughs, and it's one of the best feelings. I often talk about the grind of stand up comedy, especially here in LA, but it's shows like these, that make everything worth it. It's moments like those, where I know I'm doing exactly what I should be doing. I'm living my dreams. It isn't easy, it isn't pretty, but hard work does pay off. Of course I'm not famous, I'm actually not even close to being famous, but that's never really been my goal. My goal has always been to make a living doing what I love, and when I get paid to tell jokes, or get paid to act, that is living the life for me. Would I eventually, like to be more sought after in the future, so I can receive more money for doing what I love? Uhm...of course! In the meantime, I enjoy every part of this process, because it most certainly is a process. I love making new fans, and introducing people to my art, it's a great feeling. We still have a long way to go in this journey, but performing at the Laugh Factory is pretty f-ing awesome! 


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