Making It Happen

June 12, 2015

People don't realize how much I work to get better as a comedian. Being better is a 24/7 job, that incorporates so many different variables. I write every day. That's correct, I write every day. Most of the thoughts I write, never end up as actual jokes, and that's the frustrating/great part bout doing comedy, is so much goes in to one joke. Although it may look like I'm just riffing it on stage, most of these words and ideas have been formulating and developing over time, but this is not the case generally, but I suppose that also depends on the stage. If it's a big show at somewhere like the Laugh Factory, the Comedy Store, or an out of town gig, then I'm most definitely not trying thigs out, or riffing. But at a smaller show, or a show I produce will be the places I will work stuff out. Even still, it takes so long before I feel like a joke is finished, and even when it's finished, there's always new stuff that can be discovered. The point being, any comedian can tell you, there's always work that can be done. I simply hope, that when people listen to my album, or watch my special(note, I will have an album, and I will have a special), they understand that even though it feels like I'm simply sharing something that happened or telling a story, know that countless hours of writing, and experimenting have gone in, to make that joke sound the way it sounds. 

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